Mattress Sale
Okay, these beds are not cheap, but when you consider
the quality and life expectancy they are without a doubt
the best value.  For a limited time the queen and king
size sets are
$200 off.  That brings the queen set
down to $1299.  Over the twenty year life of this bed
the annual cost is a very affordable
$65 a year!! or
about 17 cents a night
Go on..spoil yourself
Yes you can still get a two sided mattress!!

Flip  Flip Flip
most mattress today are
single sided (padded only
on one surface).  Some of
our customers prefer two sided
mattresses so we have them.

Queen set...Firm or Plush $899

Twin Set $249.  see what we said about lost leaders.
Mattress buying made simple
Over the years we have sold thousands of Mattresses.  The many models available today
make your choice much more complicated than it needs to be. Your decision will come down
to two factors
1. Preference -firm, soft, foam, innerspring, hybrid, name brand
2. Pocketbook- simply said, "How much do you want to invest in a good, restful, therapeutic    
night's sleep?"  Some bed sets today can cost thousands of dollars. $2000-$4000

Sealy Posturepedic set $399 !!!  
(not the bed shown- that one is $1499
in queen size)
A $399 model is what is known as a lost leader.   We really don't want to sell it to
you, but we want to get you in to look at it then convince you that you don't want
it.  We don't normally do this, but a lot of people are fooled by this tactic as evident
by the number of people that shop at stores where they do it. Anyway, you won't
want this $399 Posturepedic because it is twin size and we don't want to sell it to
you, because we don't make anything on it. Okay don't believe me.

All kidding aside we do have a

Sealy Posturepedic Queen on sale for
and that is special
Stop in to the store, take your time and try
out all the different options you have.  When
you lie on the right bed for you, you will
know it. We just hope you and your
companion can agree on the choice.
Ask your  neighbor where they got their bed.  If they are happy with it, chances are they
are a  Barbuti Furniture Customer
Adjustable bed
On Sale Now!